650 West

650 West

Published under Advertising, Indentity + Design, Print, Web + Digital, on Friday 8, 2015

Case Study:
The Floridian, a $500K+ condominium within the fierce market of Miami Beach, was not considered a viable option by local realtors because of its former rental building past. Even worse, it was constantly confused with a similarly-named condo just a few blocks away. The client needed help in establishing new branding while distancing itself from its former life and image

Rename the condo as the street address. Simple chic and directional, all in one shot. In keeping with the newly designed lobby and corridors, we utilized an elegant clean font that also gives a nod to South Beach’s art deco history. Using subtle beach colors (blue=water/sky, beige=sand) and blending new images with stock photos, we mirrored the branding palate to reinforce the new direction, look and feel of the “new” 650 West condominium. The brand is restated throughout the condo (through signage, stationery, menus, beach club identity, etc.).  The client has seen realtor and resident interest multiply since our rebrand and its residents are enjoying touting their new, elite address.





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