EHR Concepts

EHR Concepts

Published under Advertising, Indentity + Design, on Sunday 26, 2014

Case Study:
Client was introduced to us by another client, in need of branding. They had an old logo and despite another company trying to update their logo, they were not happy with the result. After a consult to get to the root of their needs through our strategy questionnaire and a few phone conversations we took apart their old logo and reassembled it to be updated. But we did not stop there. We also presented a few new directions for their company and why they were needed based on the input they had provided.

Client loved the direction and branding for their company, abandoning their old logo for our approach. We took their business (medical field:  computer training, placement service, IT) and made it more relatable and human rather that the typical competitor’s cold, dry offering. Their company now stands out in trade shows, meetings, social events, etc. and the client could not be happier.












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