The icon representing your company or service. Any corporate identity used on company letterhead, brochures, web sites or business cards should reflect a unified design theme. A good logo makes 
a great first impression and presents you as a serious and established company. Read more>

The smart way to get your company name to pop into 
your consumers mind when they need/want
 what you provide. We create the ideal combination of your company 
name, logo, design look, advertising and media 
placement working together seamlessly. Read more>

Any wrapper or container for your product
 is an extension of your company image and 
advertising. It must be eye-catching as it is
the key to branding yourself within a 
store or website. Packaging can be even more 
important than the product itself because 
it must stand out from the competition. Smart, attention-getting package design by CIHYA 
will help you do exactly that. Read more>

Represents the personality of your business. It consists of the colors, type, images and voice you use to attract consumers. Everyone is affected by beautiful design, and if yours is not as attractive as your competition’s, your competitor will more likely get the sale. Whether it’s a print ad or a simple e-flyer, it takes a good design group like CIHYA to create the look that gets the attention and sales you want.

We provide additional services to extend your company message further with advertising campaigns for print, web banners and publications, followed with targeted Media Buys in trade and traditional magazines, and round it out with creative promotional items for trade shows or leave behinds for future prospects.