Logos and Corporate Identity

A logo and corporate identity are the elements and icon(s) representing your company, product and/or service. Our clients come to us because we are able to interpret an accurate visual graphic icon of what the client has in mind. We begin with a creative questionnaire which tackles basic questions regarding the logo project. This questionnaire ensures we are using the right font family, color palette and design elements.

In addition to the new logo, we create a color and font guide. A guide ensures the logo will be reproduced in other mediums accurately. A new logo can be reproduced on pens, t-shirts, banners, backpacks, etc. We provide new logo files in different formats as part of what we consider final artwork.

Any corporate identity used on company letterhead, brochures, web site(s) or business cards should reflect a unified design theme. A good logo makes 
a great first impression and presents you as a serious and established company.

We at CIHYA take great pride in delivering high impact logo and corporate identity designs that meet the objective(s) of the overall project. Lets collaborate on something great, contact us today and see for yourself why we build great working relationships with our clients.