The experts at CIHYA have done an excellent job visually conveying the intent of my book in a professional and clever manner. This is important because buyers – whether a book store or a reader-seldom look further than the cover when deciding to purchase a book. Therefore it is important to make a quick and clear impression on these buyers. CIHYA’s worked closely with me to ensure that the design was accurate and interesting, and they did so in a timely manner.
“Avoiding the Con in Construction”
Kia Ricchi / Author

My personal experience with CIHYA has been an extremely professional one.  Cleveland is always at the top of his game.  Filled with great ideas and open to communication.  He is energetic, creative and smart.  He always meets his deadlines and enjoys working with his clients. I would recommend them to anyone.
Cricket Taplin / Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

The team at CIHYA consistently create a product that dazzles the senses. I go in with a “good” idea and within minutes they present a living, breathing, better vision.
Cristian Avila / Concierge at The Setai, Miami Beach, FL

I love these guys!!!!! I have been with Humberto and Cleveland for years, I will go in with a vision and they are able to bring it to life, even much better then I envisioned!!!!!
Erica Morris / President Of Nahbu.com and Kusudia.org

“We just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much we appreciate your work. It is difficult to find a design company with a combination of genius creativity, discipline, promptness and hard work. You guys got it. We love the fact that even when we go overboard and change our mind for the tenth time you are still patiently there for us and handle everything perfectly each and every time. It does make our life easier. Thanks guys!”
Robert Antunovic / Sleepy Wrap, Inc.

“CIHYA… Senza dubbio tra ( i ) piú influenziali nel mondo della pubblicitá in America.”
Paolo Ambu / ARCHIPEL

“My business needed a strong, professional identity to communicate with the sophisticated real estate investors I work with. My brand needed to be understated and clear. CIHYA listened carefully and delivered swiftly. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have now recommended them to a non-profit group that I am involved with.”

“I provide promotional items for businesses, so my brand HAD to be great to begin with. CIHYA’s creative now places me way ahead of others in the industry. Do yourself a favor and call or contact them immediately!”
Yvonne Hurley / TAG YOUR BRAND

“CIHYA designed a sleek & sophisticated website that showcased our work. The site is easy to navigate with an aesthetic sensibility that reflects Billy Blanco Designs.”

“We needed the perfect logo and eye-catching web design. CIHYA delivered both – and in record time”.

“Thanks CIHYA for being there for Hines time after time. Your services have always been fun and creative. I would definitely recommend your company. Can I Have Your Attention? Yes you may!”
Walker Burttschell / HINES

“From the first meeting we had with CIHYA, they truly understood what my wife and I were trying to do. Their hard work and creative ideas have truly helped in the initial success and branding of our products.”
Michael & Karen Stanley / YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

“With CIHYA in our corner, I am confident that our company will make its mark in a big time kinda way.”
Mel Hicks / BIG TIME TEA

“…always delivers our materials on time and consistently exceeds our expectations.We recommended them with confidence.”

“They are fantastic professionals, exceptionally creative & understand what it means to have a deadline and a budget.”
Sonja Bogensperger / LEED AP

“Their creativity and initiative from the website to advertisements to the collateral materials generated an excitement…their assistance undoubtedly contributed to the success & branding of the event.”
Owen Bethel / Islands of the World Fashion Week